How to Survive C#

Mark Bohuslav
2 min readDec 17, 2020

very simple…..just watch Jonathan’s C# Survival Guide!

As I powered through the Space shooter this past weekend, I had a lot of questions that I sidelined until later just so that I could keep my momentum go. Like what are classes really anyway, and what kind of classes can I have, what is Mono Behavior? what is inheritance, etc etc. Some of the questions lingering in the back of my mind were pretty basic, but somehow I managed to still pull off creating a game without knowing these basic concepts.

That being said, I am so happy I took a break from the program to just study basics. Some of what I watched I already knew, which was a testament to how effective the Space Shooter curriculum was in forcing me to go study concepts online to get the job done at the time. But a lot of what I learned recently is going to catapult me forward in new ways. I also learned some new tricks that I can apply to clean up my code and make it more memory efficient. Today I went through LOOPS, ARRAYS, FUNCTIONS Vs. METHODS,COROUTINES (IENUMERATOR) and last but not least CLASSES. SO far at 46% completion!

Rather than re-invent the wheel and explain what I learned I urge you all to just go ahead and watch Jonathan’s videos as he does a great job explaining all the concepts and giving you challenges to lock in the information. I had many Ah ha! moments during the lessons and was especially blown away with the Classes section and the practical application that can be had from custom classes with inheritance in any video game where you are maintaining databases of items, abilities, or interactable physical places in the game scene. The possibilities are endless.

Tomorrow I plan to dig in some more into the Survival Guide and then finally start the Cinematography course!