Happy Holidays!!!

Mark Bohuslav
2 min readDec 27, 2020

Aloha and Happy holidays. This is a late Medium article that is for DEC 24th. Apologies as my family traditionally celebrates Xmas Eve and all day on the 25th and I had a lot of cooking and decorating to do and did not have time Thursday when I got done from work to get to the article out. We actually cooked and served several of our elderly neighbors that were celebrating alone this year because of Covid. It was nice to bring a little joy in their lives during these difficult times. Their face really lit up when we delivered the food and wished them happy holidays.

Regarding the internship, well only 1 more day left on Monday and fortunately I was able to complete the Stealth Game yesterday. Added a Game Manager and Audio Manager using a process called the Singleton. This and the audio fix using the audio manager were probably my biggest takeaways from these sections. I learned about how Unity handles Spacial sound and a fix to keep the volume consistent and of course I learned how to create the almighty Singleton for quickly accessing a Script. A Singleton is very useful when you know you will only ever have One instance of the gameobject/script and need to access it from multiple scripts or buttons.

I also completed the Main Menu, Loading screen and created the functionality to move between the different scenes of the game.

As the internship nears its completion with only 1 day left on Monday I decided to review my accomplishments. I started the program on Nov 23 and have managed to complete the 2D Space Shooter, the Stealth Game & Cinematography and about 66% of the C# Survival guide. Overall I am very happy with the results of both projects and I feel like I learned a ton in just over a month.

I plan on staying on top of my learning and will put time in every single day even though the program is over. I still have 9 more courses to complete from GameDev and my own projects and eventually team projects to start working on. I will also start focusing on writing some in depth educational articles on various concepts of Unity so that I can also take part in sharing knowledge with others. I could not have gotten as far as I did without the help I received from everybody at GameDev and the Internet as a whole. It’s time for me to pay it forward as well :-)