Day 14 I am my own worst Enemy!

Today I decided to spend some time tweaking my Elite Unit that I had created earlier. I was not happy with his sound and or how his laser fired. Now that I learned RayCasting and saw its applications for detecting other objects I decided to give my Elite Unit RayCasting abilities. First I fixed his laser so that it would fire when the player was in its field of view. I put a small delay of 0.2 seconds before firing so the player has a chance to dodge if he is paying attention and times his moves right. This was more fun than just getting zapped right away. I also added a better sound effect when he fires. Basically used the original laser shot, stretched it a bit and added a few levels of Chorus in a Wav editor to make the sound a bit more rich. Additionally I completed one more Core 2 feature; I gave the Elite unit the ability to also dodge my lasers. Since this unit moves side to side I also added animated thrusters on each side depending on the direction the unit is going. Also have one in the back that only activates when the unit first comes into play. The thruster flame also get bigger whenever the unit dodges my lasers to enhance the speed boost the unit gets when he dodges. Since the unit has 5 hit points, it takes a bit of work to finish him off. The video below is a quick demonstration of the unit in action….he is HARD. lol!

I also spent some time implementing my Player’s secondary weapon. I got some of the coding done and created an animation for the weapon. It is pretty bad ass and I can’t wait to demonstrate it, most likely tomorrow. I am still looking for the perfect sound effect to go with it but I have decided to active the weapon by pressing the ALT key. It will have very limited uses as it is mostly an “ Oh Sh!t “ ability to get the player out of trouble, but the visuals are pretty awesome!

Over the next couple days I basically will finish the player weapon and then work on the Boss and then some balancing before starting to cleanup my Spaghetti code before submitting the project!


Game Developer Intern at GameDevHQ