C# all the way

Mark Bohuslav
2 min readDec 16, 2020


This is going to be a very quick update as I mostly continued watching C# videos and reading about different concepts that I was unclear about. Some of them very simple like what is the difference between Awake and Start? Both are called only once at the beginning with Awake happening right before start. The most significant difference is that Awake is called even if the script is a disabled component of an active GameObject.

Additionally, I started the 2 week Unity Essentials training program available on the Unity Learning center. I am doing this to make sure I don’t have any significant gaps in some of the basics I learned already and also as a refresher. Tomorrow I will be continuing the C# survival Guide coursework as well.

I got side-tracked later in the day trying to change all my email addresses in all the accounts I had associated with my GameDevHQ email address. I was a bit shocked when finding out yesterday that we will lose our GameDev email accounts once the program ends so I decided to switch everything over today. Since I had set up everything Programming related to my GameDev email. I am glad I did the switch early and not wait last minute because I ran into some frustrating challenges with switching Unity and with Youtube. For Youtube it was particularly challenging. Apparently if I had setup my youtube channel as a non Gmail, I could simply change the email address no problem, but because my account was a gmail related account I couldn’t just switch it. In order to make the switch you have to create a BRAND Channel, then move the existing channel to the BRAND channel and then invite the other email address to join the channel and set them up as an OWNER. Then after 7 days of being an OWNER, that email address can switch from Owner to PRIMARY OWNER and all is good. Needless to say….a very roundabout way to just change an email address! I lost a few brain cells at first trying to figure this out because it’s not clearly explained anywhere!

I spent some time ready other peoples blogs and I am saddened by how disheartened everyone is over the State’s inability to make a decision yet on the funding the program. Everyone here at GamedevHQ has so much potential and I hop the State sees the potential of the program and what it can do for the future of Hawaii!